SCHOOLS – “Boys to Gentleman”

The “Boys to Gentleman” initiative is a holistic approach to educating boys on life skills in the areas of etiquette, gentlemanly values, image, grooming, style, health, and well-being.

In an engaging and relatable 45 minute presentation Paul Giles will talk openly and honestly to your students about his issues, fears, obstacles and influences as a teenager. He concludes with his life story of how he received international opportunities and a rewarding career and personal life by increasing his own confidence, making the right first impression, applying gentlemanly values and a positive mindset.

“Boys to Gentleman” will enhance your students’ social development and prepare them for their future beyond school. Relevant topics discussed include:

  • The importance of first impressions and the benefits.
  • How to be a gentleman – The rules and rewards.
  • Knowing and loving yourself.
  • Tips on fashion – How to dress for what you want to become.
  • Social etiquette and communicating with girls.
  • Confidence and image.
  • Hygiene and grooming.
  • Positive attitude and mindset.
  • Role models, mentors, and influences.

Paul’s engaging content, energy and passion will ensure your students walk away with an open positive attitude, increased self-esteem, enhanced confidence, feel socially empowered and happy and secure within themselves.

“The work of Paul has enhanced our curriculum and wellbeing programs to provide our students with the essential skills and knowledge to positively contribute to society during and post school. We are delighted to have had the privilege of working with Paul and our students, staff and parents are greatly appreciative of Paul’s work in our school. I have found Paul to be extremely helpful and a good confidant in talking through a range of issues that are relevant to the school setting”

Dr Sean Mangan
PRINCIPAL -Blackfriars Priory School