STYLESHIFT’s development consulting for individuals is a personal one on one session or series of sessions with Paul Giles. Depending on your desired needs or outcome Paul can work with you through the following key areas to build a more stylish, confident and healthier you.

Find out what’s right for you. The STYLESHIFT process begins with a personal consultation to assess your needs based on your profession, interests and social calendar. An achievable and affordable personal strategy is then devised.

Build a successful wardrobe. Paul will help you revamp, repair and retain wardrobe items, retiring or replacing garments as needed. He also advises on mixing and matching colours, fabrics and assessing cut.

Shopping efficiently. Paul takes the hassle out of shopping, showing you where to shop, how to shop within your budget and what garments to choose based on your body shape, and work and leisure requirements. The key to this process is understanding how cut, colour, fabric, and style of clothing can highlight your best features.

Well-being. Paul passes on positive thinking and confidence techniques as well as gentleman values and etiquette practices.

Health and fitness. Paul discusses your eating habits, finding easy solutions to suit your lifestyle and develops a fitness program that is realistic, enjoyable and simple to incorporate into your daily routine.

Communication and social skills. Paul aims to have you feeling at ease in any social situation.

“I have worked with Paul many times now, both on personal styling and professional. I must say that every time has been a fun, productive and enjoyable experience. Paul really knows his stuff, and makes the whole shopping experience easy. I would highly recommend his services without hesitation!”

Tim C